Spin your Wheel of Fortune

Are you observing or experiencing any miracles in your life right now?  If not , Why Not?  If you don’t have any miracles happening in your life right now, then something is wrong!

Life holds out unexpected gifts and possibilities to us all the time, so we need watchful eyes in order to perceive what is being offered.  Those that forge their own luck are those that recognise and attract good opportunities and make use of them.

Be it telling one or two people about what you are doing, experiencing or want to do can be the door that opens another door to present an opportunity that did not even exist in your world until it presented itself. Every creative act brings something to life.

This is true for me.  Recently I was talking with some friends about my healing services when they asked if I would run meditation classes for their kids.  Whoa, now where did that come from?  This idea was so unexpected and out of my line of vision that I knew that this was an opportunity that needed to be explored.  It did take me some time to plan and organize the logistics and there was just a little bit of resistance that I noticed within myself – you know all those doubts about doing something different that was not in the plan and so on and so on.   But the great news is I am running my first meditation class for kids tomorrow at the local primary school.  Now that is what I call good fortune.

When we experience fortune – or good fortune, it is usually when we have a bringing together of all our creative energies.  We are totally aware of who we are, what we are capable of and what is getting in our way.

What are the things that you are allowing to get in your way of you experiencing fortune right now?  Is it a feeling that you don’t deserve it or are not worthy, procrastination, getting distracted, being indecisive, arrogance, not saying no, tolerating things that aren’t supporting you.  Whatever it is, its time to bring it to the fore, acknowledge it and replace it with a behavior that it going to keep the way open for you.

So imagine a big wheel with 10 spokes. You know those wheels where you spin and it lands on a prize – a 10 spoked wheel of fortune.  Spin this wheel of yours and recognize the unexpected gifts and possibilities that are being offered to you right now and make good use of them.

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