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One thing I have learnt about myself and the way my world works is to not think differently but to actually DO things differently.  I guess that is why I have started on a challenge of writing blog content every day for 30 days with  This is my big action this month for doing things differently.

But where to start?  The million dollar question.

For years I have been saying that I am going to start writing a blog.  But why?  What about?  What could I offer that is different to what everyone else is offering?  I have so many ideas but they all seem to be disjointed and not connected.  How often should I write a post?  When am I going to find time? Where was the focus and where was that uniqueness?

I now realize that the uniqueness of the content is not really what I should be focusing on.  My focus would be serving people better if I just shared what I find has worked for me, what has shaped me as a person, the things that have helped me shift and change and evolve – both personally and professionally.  This is what works for me.  By asking myself what I am currently working on, what I am experiencing, what I have just learned I can then translate that into something valuable for others.  When looking back on the times that I felt most fulfilled and motivated and passionate was when I was able to share and help others change their own experience for the better.

I remember wishing, when I was much younger, that I had challenged my beliefs and actions more to be able to experience myself in different ways and understand more of the world and what was possible.  To challenge all the old outdated beliefs that I was surrounded with about limitations and that was the way things were, life was tough, you just have to put up with it and get on with it.  I wished that I had made more of what I had at the time.

So, its time to stop the wishing and start the doing.  Do what I say to everyone in my training, coaching and healing practice.  My intent over the period of the next month is to form a new habit of sharing everyday something about thinking differently, challenging beliefs, experiencing ourselves in different ways and anything that will serve others based on what has served me.  This will help me experience more so I can share more.  Awesome!

Here’s to a blogging good month!

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