When I was a little girl growing up on a farm I used to entertain myself for hours painting and imagining myself as a dancer – my family have the photos and videos to prove it!

As I grew up I took on a much more “practical and traditional” approach to what I did and entered the corporate business world.  During this time, I was continuously drawn to understanding spiritual concepts and did a lot of reading, learning and experiencing energy healing.  After many years of working and feeling particularly unfulfilled, I had the amazing opportunity of having a coach and mentor that helped me to reconnect to who I really was underneath the person I allowed the outside world to see.  From this I recognised the importance of fully expressing who I was into my everyday experience.

I discovered that I had allowed the external world to define and shape me which had blocked me from doing what I was truly drawn to and did almost unconsciously.  The things that helped me feel alive and made my heart sing. As a kid it was all about the freedom to be me.  As an adult it hasn’t changed much – it’s still about freedom, and has evolved and matured into helping others feel free to be who they really are.

With a knack for holding people together I have spent the last 10 years coaching and facilitating transformations that break free from dry, out of date solutions.  My clients have gained a set of ideas and strategies that they remember and can apply for years to come in both their personal and professional life.

Remember, it’s not about what you are here to DO, it’s who you are here to BE!

I hope to work with you soon.