Enhance your experience of YOU

keepitrealI had an experience today. An experience that was quite unexpected. This experience was quite a simple thing, something that many of us do day in day out. I met up with a friend. The unexpected thing about this experience was that it was bringing authenticity up for me to explore.

This friend and I had not connected for quite some time face to face, and only rarely online but we were both drawn recently to arrange a catchup over coffee, seemingly out of the blue. Our connection was as previous work colleagues and my original thoughts was to reconnect on a professional level and find out what was happening in her world currently.

The closer the day got though, the more the energy of this meeting was changing for me. It was becoming less about a professional reconnection and more about building on a connection with a like minded person. Now this was a little unusual as we had not shared much of our personal thoughts and experiences previously but for me there has always just been a sense that there was some likemindedness between us.

So our coffee catchup was a wonderful conversation about our thoughts and beliefs and experiences about the dissatisfaction of working in corporate big businesses where there didn’t seem too much focus or commitment to making a difference swinging right round to our personal self healing journey’s using energy, sound, vibration and meditation / mindfulness. An hour and a half went like the click of the fingers. Throughout this conversation we discussed the challenges and issues we have both had and how we had dealt with some of our “stuff” to get where we were now and that on the other side of that “stuff” it really wasn’t that bad. It was just stuff!

Stuff that we could either own up to and accept that it was our stuff or we could put the blinkers on and pretend that it wasn’t ours and fall into the trap of letting the external drama, challenge or issue define who we were. That’s when we start making excuses and try to shift the responsibility to others. That is the moment when we are not honouring ourselves. We are not being authentic.

So I walked away with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm of focusing more on the aspects of my business that I wanted to focus on that I had been making excuses for not doing recently. My blogging!

Haha, so on return home I sat at my computer tapping away until I had finished this post. It took a little while, which connected into the excuses I had been making about not having time to do it blah blah blah. But I was committing to myself to use this experience to motivate me into action, different action to create a different result and to reconnect me to being more authentic.

This experience was one that has given me an opportunity to be an observer in the moment so that I could see my circumstances in a different light, from a different perspective so that I can continue on my journey of expressing my true self and sharing this with others. Oh and having fun and enjoying myself too of course!

I encourage you to take a moment or two right now and step into the role of observing your life, your experiences. Consider them from a different perspective, what excuses have you been making? Are you in denial, are you passing responsibility onto others? Really be authentic and consider your experience with an air of detachment to discover what you can do differently to make a shift.

A small shift that will enhance your experience of you.

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