Who’s to Blame! 4

Do you remember a time when you were a kid, somewhere around 10 to 12?

Things were different back then.  A lot of us probably had the feeling of being free with a care factor of about zero – well if not zero it was about something that was very different to what we care about now.

Did you ever do anything that got you into trouble? Something that you knew you should not have been doing, and that you would probably get into trouble, big trouble if you were caught?

Humour me for the moment and bring that vision of being caught to mind, bring that feeling of being in trouble into this moment.  Re run that conversation – or the yelling as the case may be – see and feel all the things that were going on for you.

For some reason I don’t seem to recall a lot of situations at that age but I certainly remember a few at high school.  Having been a boarder at a co-ed school there was all sorts of activities and experimentation that we pushed the boundaries on.  One that I recall was canoeing up the local river with a group of us girls, up past the local orchards.  It just happened to be the season for all the oranges and watermelons so we decided that it would be a very clever idea to stock up our food supplies by helping ourselves.  So we beached the canoe’s and climbed the fence very sneakily and proceeded to load ourselves up with as much fruit that we could carry.  With one of us on the lookout for the owner we successfully made our escape back to the canoe shed.  Giggling and cackling all the way back down the river.

Well we forgot about the time and as we were arriving back the house teacher had arrived to lock up the shed.

Mmm, now what are we going to do with all that fruit? …..

What do we say? …….

Maybe he won’t notice or ask? ……..

Haha, well with the amount of excuses and denying we did we should have got an oscar!  Thankfully he was one of those young cool hip house teachers that decided to let it slide this time but on the proviso that we needed to share our bounty with him.  What a laugh it was after the fact but boy were we worried about what the consequences were going to be.

Now back to you.  As you are remembering your own little story and circumstance, remember what actions and words you chose in that moment that you got caught.  Did you slip into blaming someone else, make excuses about why you did it or even try to deny it was even you?  Or did you own up to it, accept the choice you had made and take full responsibility immediately?



When we take ownership for your lives, are accountable and take responsibility for our own actions we get to create and choose a life based on what we want, we get to achieve the things we want to achieve.  Failure isn’t an issue, we just dust ourselves off and get on with it.

But when we see things as happening to us, or as someone elses fault we give up control of our life and what we want to achieve.

Sometimes we don’t even realise how much we slip into these lower level behaviours of blame, excuses and denial.  It can be a habit, a bad habit and one that needs constant awareness if we are able to break free of it.

So how have you been doing lately?  Where are you blaming others or something for getting in your way, making excuses and denying what you could be taking ownership of, accepting who you are and being accountable with your own personal brand of responsibility?


I caught myself out with making excuses for not getting on with promoting my healing and coaching business and regularly posting on my blog.  Thankfully I have a great mentor in ChristinA Ritchie which led me to joining up with LearnToBlog for the Facebook 30 day content challenge even though my website wasn’t quite finished with layout and wording and my registration gift isn’t setup up properly.  I stepped out of my usual need for everything to be “ready” and just started it.

Love to hear from you about where you are at.

Julie  😀

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